Premium Extra Large Bird Cages for Sale in Australia

Trying to find a new home for your beloved feathered friends, but just can’t seem to find anything big enough? We have two cages for you to choose from that are sure to be large enough for their growing needs! If you have pigeons, parrots, canaries, or budgies, they’ll love moving house into these well-spaced and brilliantly-built bird cages for sale. Melbourne-based but available throughout Australia, your birds will be forever grateful with these magnificent upgrades.

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A great range of cages available at our Melbourne factory

Our first large product has been built in a hexagonal shape. It features dual perches and large doors with locks, and to fight against mould build-up sits atop four feet. To make cleaning a breeze, it has double floor trays that are easily removed.

The second and larger cage for sale comes with three perches and, unlike the hexagonal option, it also has a breeding box. To make your life easier, the bottom metal tray can be taken out easily for cleaning purposes – something that has the potential to be quite difficult as you well know!

Both of these terrific cages have an asphalt roof to protect your birds from rain. Also, they both have a high quality mesh wire that’ll keep them in, and predators out. As they’re both TUV certified and SGS approved, you can be absolutely certain of their design and build quality.

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For any further information you may require about either bird cage we have for sale, contact our Melbourne office on 1300 718 025 to speak with one of our friendly staff. Alternatively, you are free to enter your details into the enquiry form we have available online and we’ll strive to respond ASAP. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so speak with us today!