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A massage chair is a chair designed for massages. Traditional massage chairs allow easy access to the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to provide a massage.
Chair Massage is done in an ergonomically designed portable chair. Chair massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Massage therapists are able to offer on-site massage to many environments because of the portability of the massage chair, and clients do not need to disrobe to receive a chair massage. Due to these two factors, chair massage is often performed in settings such as business offices, employee appreciation events, trade shows, conferences, and other corporate settings.


  • Build Your Home Masseur
  • Body Waist & Foot Keep A Comfortable Constant Temperature 55.
  • Leg Adjustable Stretch Distance to 10cm to Adapt Different Height 
  • Embedded Airbags Massage Tank, Airbags Alternately Pressed, Better Effect
  • Multi-Directional Airbags Covered Squeeze Kneading, Foot Warming Airbag Massage
  • Neck with Double High Massage Head Close To Back & Neck Massage 18pcs Massage Head On Back


  • Model: VCT-Y2
  • Color: Black
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Carton Package Size: 116*74*74cm
  • Massage Modes: Kneading/Rolling/Shiatsu/Pummel/Acupressure
  • Zero Gravity Function: Yes
  • Fixed Massage: Yes
  • Rated Voltage: 110-240V
  • Size: 111*75*115 cm
  • Package: 1 carton
  • Heating Therapy: Back & Waist & Foot
  • Minimum into Door Dimension: 78(cm)


Safety warrning :

* An approved Electrical Safety Switch MUST be installed before power applied to this product. *ALWAYS  seek Medical advice before use

*This product is not suitable for pregnant women, young children or people with any medical condition.

* If the cord or plug is damaged, or if it has been dropped into water, do not use.

* Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.

* Please only use the grounding power supply included with this product.

* People with medical conditions MUST consult their doctor before use.

* The recommended usage time of this product is 20 minutes.

* Children and Elderly MUST be supervised at all times.

* DO NOT allow children to use the chair.

*This product is NOT A TOY, DO NOT allow children to touch the moveable parts of this product.

*This Product is NOT a medical device.

* If you feel any abnormal discomfort during the operation of

   The  massage chair, TURN OFF THE POWER AND DO NOT USE

    the  chair until you  CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.

*People who are suffering from osteoporosis are not recommended to use this product.

*People who are suffering from HEART DISEASE or carrying ELECTRONIC MEDICAL DEVICES such as a PACE MAKER  are NOT recommended to use this product.

*PREGNANT women or MENSTRUATING women are NOT recommended to use this product.

*People who have injuries or skin disease are NOT recommended to use this product.* People with mental health issues or disabilities are not recommended to use this machine without supervision.

*Always start with the massage function on a lower strength setting before increasing it, in order to avoid injury

* Always unplug immediately after using, and before cleaning.

* Don’t drape blankets or pillows over the massage chair when it is switched on - it could OVERHEAT and in extreme circumstances catch fire.

* When the massage chair is switched on, NEVER leave it unattended.  

* Do not overload the chair and stick to weight limits.

*Please unplug the product when not in use, or before cleaning, to avoid injury or causing

damage  to the product.

*Please do not drop anything into this product.

*Please operate this product according to this instruction manual.

*Do not use accessories not recommended by the manufacturer

*This product is NOT suitable for OUTDOOR use.

* Please DO NOT use the product if the seat cover or leather is broken or damaged.

*Please DO NOT use it if any ventilation holes are covered or blocked.

*Any other usage that is not listed in this instruction manual is forbidden.

* People diagnosed with medical conditions are not recommended to use this product.

*People who have come in contact with water or those who are wet are forbidden to use this


 * MUST be placed on a flat even surface on steady ground to avoid any falls


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