How to create great signage for your store

Getting your name out there can be difficult in a competitive market place. The best place to start is your very own storefront. Designing the perfect signage to make your premises stand out can be a fun experience, with the chance to create exactly how you want your business to be seen. There are many examples of signage that doesn’t work and the below guidelines are designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Keep it short and sweet

Your business name should be memorable and snappy, while also conveying what the business is about. Taking these steps will ensure your signage is easy to read and understand, without unnecessary clutter detracting from its intent. These rules also apply to any supplementary signs you make, whether for sales and specials, or to advertise a new product.

Use the right materials

This is important for a number of reasons. If your storefront is outside, you will need to use materials and methods that create a sign that will withstand the elements. Using a vinyl cutter plotter, you can design and produce a bold sign that will hold up to rain and sunshine, with a slower fade time than other less durable methods.

Use colour and contrast

Choose a colour that not only represents your brand identity, but one that entices customers to try your services or products. Vomit green may represent the history of your company, but it is unlikely to strike the right chord with potential clients. Something more appealing, while maintaining the green theme, would be lime or British racing green. Contrast is important for readability, however you must ensure that while the colours contrast, they also complement. You can go for classic combinations like black and red, or be more inventive. Ask around or enlist the services of a colour specialist to help you find the ideal combination.

Make the most of the space

Size is important and to make sure people can read it from across the street, or down the road, or while riding in the car, you need to get it right. Your font may look great, but if it is too small to read easily from a reasonable distance, people may be past your door before they even notice you. Make the most of every available inch and choose a font that eschews overly ornate touches for a simpler, cleaner and more legible effect.

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