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Author: Zoran   Date Posted: 27 July 2022  

KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Turbo LED Adults 12inch Off Road Tyre Foldable Bike's Review

If you are looking to buy an Electric Scooter to save the environment and your money on fuels, then you must be looking for something that can provide you with a comfortable ride along with all the modern-day features. KASA 2000W 60V Ele...

Date Posted: 28 April 2015  

Just in today we have the genuine KASA PRO Series model K1355 Vinyl cutter plotter with optical eye.It comes with the original powerful vinylmaster cut production ed software worth $350! Compatible with with any computer runnng on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), and Windows 8.

For just $995, its a great deal, just look at all of these features:

  • Double position Carriage
  • Optical Eye
  • Roland Blades
  • Original Vinyl Master Cut Oroduction Ed. (worth $350)
  • 4mb RAM Memory
  • LCD Display
  • LCD Touch Button Control
  • X, Y, Z Axis Control
  • CorelDraw Drive USB and COM Seri...

This Kiosk just came in today and it is great for bussnesses, shoping centers, airports, and conventions. With it being vandal-proof and scratch proof you dont need to worry about it being damaged in these high trafic areas.

It has so many options for just $4,990 with its full HD screen it can display images, interactive maps, animations, websites, Databas Data, videos, ect.


  • 46inch original LCD Samsung, 4 Point Infared Touch Screen.

Australia is hot. Over summer, parts of the country can receive up to 11 hours of sunlight, which means hot soil and burnt leaves. Watering your plants is vital, both to keep them hydrated and healthy, and to cool them down after a lengthy exposure. Summer also signals the time when water conservation is at its most important, with reservoirs and dams drying up in the prolonged sun. It is imperative to use water wisely throughout the year, but even more so in summer. Below are tips to maximise your water efficiency.

Water at the right time of day

An adequately watered garden, plant or tree is one where the soil is damp a spade-deep down. If your spade ...

With the sun finally showing its face, it is time to dust off the outdoor setting and get the BBQ fired up. Better still, invest in some new outdoor furniture and make it a summer to remember. Turning your backyard and patio into the perfect designer entertaining area doesn’t have to cost the earth. Below are the latest trends in al fresco entertaining that won’t break the bank.


Wicker outdoor furniture is back in a big way. Stylish, elegant and affordable, it’s timeless and ideal for a wide range of décor. Cheap plastic chairs can’t compare wit...

Your pets rely on you to keep them safe and happy. This means ensuring they are kept comfortable and cool throughout the sweltering Australian summer and not putting them in harm’s way. Follow the list of tips below to keep them safe in the heat.

  1. Make sure they have cool water and shade available at all times

When you’re at home this can be as simple as a few ice cream containers filled with water placed around your home and property. Filling a paddling pool with water and putting it in the shade is the best way to give them a spot to bring their temperature down. Dogs and cats don’t wear shoes and the pads on their feet can be burnt by...

Getting your name out there can be difficult in a competitive market place. The best place to start is your very own storefront. Designing the perfect signage to make your premises stand out can be a fun experience, with the chance to create exactly how you want your business to be seen. There are many examples of signage that doesn’t work and the below guidelines are designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Keep it short and sweet

Your business name should be memorable and snappy, while also conveying what the business is about. Taking these steps will ensure your signage is easy to read and understand, without unnecessary clutter detracting fr...

Inviting friends and family over for a BBQ is an Australian institution. Steak on a paper plate, a sausage in a piece of bread; nothing says summer like smoke and sunshine. However, more and more people are trying to make their al fresco cooking and dining experience more refined and interesting. There are a huge range of options to start your summer cooking experiments in style.

Pizza ovens

Pizza is a universally loved food, with wood fired pizzas being the king of all of them. While it can be approximated in an oven with a pizza stone, there is nothing quite like the taste of a pizza from the right oven. Once considered just a dream, the affordabilit...

Genuine Kasa Electric Turntable 600m (80kg Capacity)

Display your products in a more professional way with the Genuine KASA Series III 600MM Professional Motorised Electric Turntable. You have to stand out from the competition if you want to gain more customers and boost your sales.

This turntable will help you get you customers’ attention and can rotate in 360⁰, helping you display products in all angles and directions. It is also noiseless and has a high loading capacity. With this turntable, you can get dynamic 360⁰ rotational product videos.

It comes with an electrical plug that is approved by the Australian SAA. The plug n' play rotation...

Stand-up Paddle Board for the Water Sports Experience

Stand-up Paddle Board will be the best way to enjoy the Stand-up paddling as one of the easiest way of learning water sports. It has 11’6 feet SUP board that can bring an extreme stability as well as paddling that will only require for a little effort. Aside from the enjoyment it can bring to every user, this will also be of great aid in toning your abs and burning calories, which will give you an amazing body shape while enjoying the great experience it give to you. Thru the paddle board, paddling will surely be enjoyed just like the celebrities Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have said.

You will surely enjoy t...

The Best of Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza maker can attest on how a wood-fired kind of oven can add to the savoury taste of pizza. This is possible because of the wood as the primary tool in cooking pizza utilized in the oven. Even if other kinds of food cooked in wood has a unique and palatable taste that cannot be experienced by other methods of cooking. This is why if you want to put up a pizza restaurant wood fired pizza ovens offered by this company is the best choice.

It comes with heavy duty fire brick cookers, big stainless steel shovel, pizza cutter, built-in insulation, and an additional rain cover. With these materials used you are assured of great quality of...

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Arcade games are one of the earliest forms of video games. You can usually found them in entertainment and amusement parks. With time, continued development has been made to these gaming machines. More games are added each year making them never out of time. In the business aspect, arcade game machines can bring in continuous income to your business.

These machines are an all-time favorite among the youth. Maintenance of these machines is not hard, and it can be updated from time to time. Thus, investing in them is a great way to earn extra income. It’s suitable...

Great outdoor furniture can brighten up your outdoor spaces and create an inviting atmosphere to drink and dine with friends and family. Just some simple wicker outdoor furniture, a few cosy pillows and a classic rocking chair can transform your outdoors into a family room during the warmer months. If you’re looking to convert your outdoor spaces into a long-term inviting environment, read on to get some valuable tips:

1. Start with a List
Write down your main objectives to use your outdoor space. Th...

When you simply desire to roll on under the warmth of the sun, all you need is a comfy sun lounge. You can relax in the sunshine on the reclined seating of this lounger and enjoy your garden-side hours in complete serenity. The options are galore for selecting the most comfortable and stylish sun lounge. However, there are many reasons that can compel you to buy wicker sun lounge for your outdoors. Wicker refers to woven furniture made from natural or synthetic materials. Obviously, natural wicker is always a preferable choice. It is made from sea grass, rattan, or any other natural material. These materials are woven around the metal tubular frames. Needless to say,...

If you’ve been thinking about doing your bit for the environment and want to make your water work better around your home, there’s nothing more valuable than catching rain water. However, this is only half the battle. In order to ensure that the water you saved is being distributed around the house, you will need to invest in good quality water tank pumps Melbourne.  

Key Factors
Start with thinking about how powerful you need your pump to be, what it should do and what are the features you will re...

If you are planning to purchase a bicycle, the possibility of acquiring an electric bike is one of the options. Electric bikes are the same as regular bikes except the rider doesn't power electric ones; small sized motor power are used instead. There are several benefits to be enjoyed when you own an electric bike. It includes being environmentally friendly and being beneficial to your health.

What Is An Electric Bike And How Does It Work

What’s the real story?

The feeling of riding a bicycle with the wind blowing through ...

Do you live in a place with regular water shortages? Water pumps are slowly becoming very popular for owners of pools and hot tubs. These days a visit to any pool, and in most places, will reveal a pump offering the horse power. It means owners of pools and hot spas have a great liking to the pumps.

How To Save Water With Hot Water Circulation Pumps

There is a wide range of circulation systems on the market. So, you need to go in the market and do your homework to determine which system will work best for you. Each has benefits and pitfalls thu...

Stand-up paddle boarding is the world’s fastest growing sport. Stand up boards(SUPs) are engineered to be stable, rigid and help the paddler maintain maximal balance even while standing. They are easy to use, and versatile, making them perfect for people with varying interests and levels of experience to try.

So why not dive in and look for that perfect and cheap SUP from a store you trust?

What are you using the board for?

Installing the home-scale wind turbines can reduce your carbon footprints. It offers an effective and economical way to generate cleaner energy. You can use an off-grid wind electric system that works with batteries and a backup generator. These turbines can turn with the maximum amount of wind that they face throughout the day. Hence, they offer cleaner electricity 24/7 for your home. When looking for domestic wind turbines, you must carefully assess the service provider for tapping the wind energy for your energy needs. Here are discussed the main parameters that you must consider: