KASA 2000W 60V Off Road Electric Scooter: Everything You Need To Know

Author: Zoran   Date Posted:27 July 2022 

KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Turbo LED Adults 12inch Off Road Tyre Foldable Bike's Review

If you are looking to buy an Electric Scooter to save the environment and your money on fuels, then you must be looking for something that can provide you with a comfortable ride along with all the modern-day features. KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter is one of the finest candidates in the market for you to consider buying. It is a powerful electric scooter sold in Australia, and people just love it.

So, here is a detailed review of the KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Turbo LED Adults 12inch Off Road Tyre Foldable Bike that will help you make a buying decision.

The detailed review includes everything from its size & design to its comfort and battery capacity. So, this review will be very helpful for people looking to buy an electric scooter but are confused about buying one because there are many models on the market.

Size & Design:

The KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter is a great way for you to get around town and enjoy the fresh air. It's a well-designed product, with a comfortable seat and a smooth ride. It is equipped with 12 inches rigid off-road tires and all the necessary safety features to keep you safe while riding. The bike can be folded up into a small package so it will easily fit into your car or closet when not in use.

This bike has a great design. It is made of a steel frame, which is not only durable but also lightweight. The wheels are made of aluminium and have good quality. The seat can be adjusted to your height, and the handlebars are also adjustable. This scooter is foldable, which makes it very easy to store when not in use.

Motor & Power:

It is equipped with a Powerful 2000 Watt brushless motor that has a power of 60V. The motor is powered by a high-performance brushless DC motor with a maximum continuous output of 2000W. The motor is designed for extreme performance and can be used on terrains.

The motor delivers good torque and speed to the scooter. It can reach a decent speed while traversing hills, which is more than sufficient for most users.

This electric scooter is designed for adults who want to get out and have fun. Its powerful motor provides the drive you need to go further and faster, and with a power of 60V, it can do so without breaking a sweat.


KASA's electric scooter bike weighs 60 kg which is good for adults and kids to ride this bike. This makes it perfect for people who are averagely built but also great for people who want to move faster or have a little more muscle mass.

A lightweight electric vehicle can help you save time and money by reducing wear and tear on your vehicle over time. If you have a heavy car or truck, you may need to spend more money replacing parts than if you had purchased a lighter model. 

Speed & Range:

The KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Bike is a great choice for those looking to get around town cheaply. It has an impressive speed of 50-65 km per hour, which can get you around town easily if you have a destination in mind. But we found that it depends on many factors, including how much charge you need to get there and how much a rider has while riding the bike. If you're looking for something that will get you around without breaking the bank, this is definitely one of the best ways to go.

The range of this electric scooter is 30-50 km on a single charge, depending on many factors such as terrain, wind, and other environmental factors. So, this is a great electric scooter for almost everyone looking to get around the town and doesn't want to charge their scooter after every short ride.

Weight Bearing Capacity and Extra Features:

The KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Bike is a great electric scooter for kids and adults alike. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 120 kilograms, which means it can support a rider who weighs between 60-120 kilograms without any issues.

120 kg weight capacity doesn't mean that you can't put more weight than 120 kg, you can load more weight, but it will affect the bike's speed and travelling range. So, be careful when putting more weight than the maximum weight limit.

This Electric Scooter Bike is designed with safety in mind, so you can be sure your kids will be safe while riding it around the neighbourhood or school grounds. The bike also features LED lights and headlights, making it easier for others to see you on the road at night.


This Electric Scooter Bike is a very comfortable electric bike with an easy-to-operate design. It has a comfortable seat for the rider that is adjustable according to the rider's size, so you can sit comfortably for a longer time in the same position. This makes it easy to ride long distances. The handlebars are also adjustable, so you can adjust them to your height and always be comfortable when riding this bike.

Besides, its tires are large enough to absorb impacts on the road and provide a comfortable ride to the rider.

This electric scooter also features a shock absorber system so you can ride comfortably without worrying about falling over every time you go over bumps on your journey back home from work on days with lots of traffic around town!

Battery & Charging Time:

The KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Bike has a powerful lithium-ion 60 V and 12 AH battery that can last for kilometres. The battery will take around 4-6 hours to be fully charged.

The battery is strong enough to hold the charge for a few days, but it's not recommended that you leave the bike fully charged for longer.


The KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Bike boasts two disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. These are important because they allow you to stop your scooter quickly and with minimal effort. The braking system also prevents you from skidding on the road, which can be dangerous if you are not paying attention.

Who can Ride the KASA 2000W Electric Scooter?

The KASA 2000W Electric Scooter is for everyone from kids to adults who falls under 120 kg. It features a powerful 2000W motor that can go up to 65 km/h and offers a maximum range of 50 km on a single charge.

The battery is rechargeable, and the bike can be charged with a genuine charger. It has a powerful brake system that helps you stay in control. The brakes are activated via handles on the handlebars, making them easy to use for everyone out there.

Is it worth buying KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter?

It is worth buying KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter because it provides many excellent features in its price range. We are sure that you will not find any other electric off-road scooter in this range that can go up to 65 km per hour of speed while also providing 50 km of travel range.

This scooter is available at an affordable price, but it's also made to comply with Australian Standards, so you can feel good about what you are riding.

Wrapping UP

KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter Turbo LED Adults 12inch Off Road Tyre Foldable Bike isn't just any electric scooter; it's built to last, with a strong frame that makes it easy to ride for hours on end. It features a powerful motor that can travel at high speed, giving you plenty of power to get around town or along country roads. If you want something that doesn't take up space in your garage or neighbourhood when not in use, then the KASA 2000W 60V Electric Scooter is definitely worth considering.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out KASA 2000W 60V Off Road Electric Scooter and Get the Best Deal Today!

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