How to help your pets stay cool this summer

Your pets rely on you to keep them safe and happy. This means ensuring they are kept comfortable and cool throughout the sweltering Australian summer and not putting them in harm’s way. Follow the list of tips below to keep them safe in the heat.

  1. Make sure they have cool water and shade available at all times

When you’re at home this can be as simple as a few ice cream containers filled with water placed around your home and property. Filling a paddling pool with water and putting it in the shade is the best way to give them a spot to bring their temperature down. Dogs and cats don’t wear shoes and the pads on their feet can be burnt by hot sand and asphalt, so giving them as much shade and water as possible is vital.

  1. Give them a sanctuary to escape the heat

The heat can be overwhelming for dogs and cats, so give them a place they can go to relax and recover. For canines, a dog kennel in a shaded spot in the yard or in the garage or laundry is perfect. Cats are more independent and adept at finding spots to cool themselves down, so ensure they can get to them by keeping doors open.

  1. Monitor their behaviour

Being covered in fur is a great thing during the colder months, but once the heat hits it becomes increasingly difficult for cats and dogs to keep cool. Look out for them and if you spot any signs of discomfort take measures to cool them down. For birds, dogs, cats, and other small mammals, wetting their feet and misting water on their faces will provide relief.

Be a responsible pet owner

Being a good pet owner is about ensuring they are happy and healthy at all times. Summer can be a rough time for animals, with more cars on the road, people leaving home for extended breaks, and the long, hot days. Take these basic precautions to make sure they enjoy the holidays as much as you do.

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