The Best of Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

The Best of Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza maker can attest on how a wood-fired kind of oven can add to the savoury taste of pizza. This is possible because of the wood as the primary tool in cooking pizza utilized in the oven. Even if other kinds of food cooked in wood has a unique and palatable taste that cannot be experienced by other methods of cooking. This is why if you want to put up a pizza restaurant wood fired pizza ovens offered by this company is the best choice.

It comes with heavy duty fire brick cookers, big stainless steel shovel, pizza cutter, built-in insulation, and an additional rain cover. With these materials used you are assured of great quality of pizza that will surely love by your customers. They will definitely look forward to taste the unique blend of your ingredients as it is cooked with this kind of oven. The smoke it produced and the fire as well will give you a different taste of pizza that will not make you assume of letting other people to taste it.

But, you also need to be very careful in choosing the best provider for wood fired pizza ovens. When it comes to the best this company must be your top choice brought by the quality kind of oven that they are providing with their customers. As you purchase wood-fired pizza oven, you will definitely enjoy the amazing features that you will really love to have, which you can only find in this kind of pizza offered by this company that includes:

  • Heating time of 10 minutes
  • Cooking area of 0.30 m3
  • Thermometer of 50-450 C
  • Stainless steel of 2 mm. thick door
  • Width of 820 mm
  • Depth of 730 mm
  • Oven floor of 500 by 600 mm
  • 2 pieces pizza capacity
  • 145 kg. weight

As you purchase this product, you will enjoy its inclusive package such as:

  • Stainless steel pizza paddle
  • KASA M150 Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Pizza cutter
  • Thick fire bricks
  • Pizza tile
  • Pizza spatula
  • Rain cover

You will also enjoy a free delivery as you decided to purchase this wood fired pizza oven in this company. There is no need to be hesitant about buying this oven in this company. It will never your expectation and even its quality of service that is unmatched.

Another thing that you will love about it is the price. Inspite of the quality of work, you can purchase wood fired pizza ovens in a very reasonable price. There is no need to invest from very expensive oven that will fail you in terms of longevity of use and even quality of service. With this, you are assured of highly qualified service in a very affordable price. This can be attested by many clients who are still using this oven inspite of the time passed after purchasing this oven. So, purchase now and be excited for a great taste of pizza that it can make. 

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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are best for making Italian

2 March 2017
I have been fond of Wood fired pizza, and I love outdoor cooking. I got two wood fired pizza ovens for my backyard from , and that can be port an any place of your wish. I followed your recipe and it really works for me, all the guest were happy. Thanks for sharing this blog.

woodfired pizza

28 June 2016
Looking at your woodfire pizza oven specs it seems that it offers a lot of advantages. The heating time of the oven is fast at just ten minutes. With a capacity of 2 pizzas at a time it will be able to produce pizzas at a faster rate than other woodfire ovens. It seems that this oven would make a good purchase based on what I've seen. Thanks for the informative post.!about/cmiy

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