Your Guide to Buying the Right Rainwater Tank Pump

If you’ve been thinking about doing your bit for the environment and want to make your water work better around your home, there’s nothing more valuable than catching rain water. However, this is only half the battle. In order to ensure that the water you saved is being distributed around the house, you will need to invest in good quality water tank pumps Melbourne.  

Key Factors
Start with thinking about how powerful you need your pump to be, what it should do and what are the features you will require to direct the water in the right places. Choose a pump that offers a flow rate of at least 20 litres per minute and remember that the more outlets it needs to reach, the greater its flow rate should be. Also, don’t forget to check the water pressure as no one likes a dribbly shower!

Look for the following additional features in your water tank pump:

1. Automatic On and Off
It is always better to choose pumps that turn on or off when you use your taps or hose. If you’re connecting your pumps to indoor plumbing, this is an important feature that shouldn’t be missed.

2. Run-dry protection
For residents in draught-affected regions, this feature will ensure that your pump’s motor does not get damaged if the rainwater tank is empty.

3. Inside or Outside
Choosing submersible pumps will deliver a quieter pumping experience as compared to the external pumps in the market.

4. Choosing the Power Point
It’s always better to opt for a weatherproof point for your pump. If you don’t have one near the pump’s location, get your electrician to install it for you. Avoid using extension cords for your pumps as they may not be weatherproof and it can be unsafe for your family.

5. Get all the Fittings
It is important to check that you’ve got all the fittings and hoses required to connect the pump to your water tank. Ask your supplier to recommend the right fittings for your personal needs.

Installing water tank pumps Melbourne is relatively easy as they come with simple instructions. In case you are unable to do so, you can always contact your plumber or a rainwater tank installer for advice. Your rainwater tank pumps will surely last a long time and ensure you can save and use precious water for long, contributing towards environmental sustainability.


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