SaniSplit 600 Watt Macerator Toilet / Grey Water Sink Pump (Made in ITALY)

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Sanisplit with Patent Split System!

Install an additional wet facility (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, tea room, bar, etc) virtually anywhere far below / away from the sewer line without digging up the conncrete floor

Perfect for that extra room which was previously impossible to install in the basement, cellar, garage, loft conversion, house extension, granny annexe utility room or understairs. The Saniisplit automatically collects and macerates waste water from your toilet or sink and pumps it to the sewer line.

Sanisplit macerates human feaces & toilet paper automatically pushing it upto 11m (max) verticallyor over 200m horizontally (depending on pipe size and friction loss). With an unbeleivable 350 litres per minute (max) flow you can install a wet facility almost anywhere.

Sanisplit is designed for adding any of the following



 Advantages Of Sanisplit Macerator Toilet

  • Powerful 600 Watt Motor
  • 100 Degrees Celcius Boiling Water without Motor Damage (motor not submersed in liquid)
  • Patent Split System means you can unblock within 2-3 minutes without tools or disconnecting WC or any pipes
  • Removable Motor Half means easy maintenance & servicing
  • Performance 350 lpm flow (max), 11m head (max), over 200m horizontal (depending on pipe size, etc), 600W Motor
  • Internal Plumbing Option means no ugly discharge pipes
  • Multi-Purpose with blanking caps means no confusion with many different models

10 Reasons why you should buy a Sanisplit Macerator Toilet

  1. Quality Product MADE in ITALY
  2. Approved and tested to Australian Plumbing codes
  4. Proven and tested product over the past decade Worldwide
  5. SANISPLIT is the STRONGEST SPLIT-SYSTEM MACERATOR TOILET / SINK PUMP! 600 Watt Motor macerates with more torque
  6. Patent Split System makes maintenace easy and simple without disconnecting pipes, WC, without tools or expensive service technicians The built-in one-way valve prevents the pumped water from returning to the unit.
  7. Head: 11m (max) means you can install in most factories pushing waste high into roofline or upto 200m horizontally (depending on pipe size, etc)
  8. Flow: 350 litres per minute (massive flowrate- means you can install multiple fixtures ie toilet, shower, basin at the same time without any problems)
  9. Muti-Purpose Macerator and Grey water pump! You don't have to be confused with which model to buy!







  • Powerful 600 Watt Motor
  • Power supply: 240 Volt / 50Hz / Single Phase
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: Macerates waste water automatically pumping it upto the sewer line
  • One-way Valve: Built-in prevents the pumped water returning to the unit
  • Internal Plumbing Option: Means you don't see ugly discharge pipes
  • Muti-Purpose: Macerator and Grey water pump comes complete with blanking caps. Can be used for 1 basin only or complete bathroom with toilet
  • Complies with international standards EN12050-2, EN12050-3, EN12050-4
  • Split System makes maintenance easy and simple without disconnecting pipes, WC, without tools or expensive service technicians




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