Top Quality Cheap Garage Shelving

 ‘Can you clean out the garage?’ is a question that all of us, at one part of our lives, will inevitable either ask or be asked. A seemingly simple task, although it seems to have the tendency to be delayed and procrastinated on more than any other household chore.

The day will come when, unfortunately for those involved, it needs to happen. But where will you put all of the stuff that you ‘absolutely cannot throw away’ if not the floor or benchtop? We understand - no matter how useless they might appear at the time, there’s sure to be an occasion for their use to come up eventually! The perfect place to store these things you refuse to part with is our garage shelving. Melbourne based but available to ship Australia-wide, be sure to call us on 1300 718 025 to discuss freight costs.

The garage shelving available at our Melbourne factory

Cheap in price but certainly not in quality, it’s built to hold up to 450kg (tested with 850kg). The heights are adjustable which allows you to store items of all different sizes and shapes, and the entire unit has the capacity to be bolted down for extra safety. Dimensions are as follows:

Height – 2 metres

Width – 1.5 metres

Depth – 50 centimetres

Tips for simplifying the organisation of your garage

  1. Buy Tupperware containers of different sizes for different items (e.g. nails, screwdrivers, drill bits, etc.) and label everything
  2. Hang your bikes from the ceiling to reclaim floor space
  3. Install storage space suspended from the roof for less-used items
  4. Hanging shoe racks make a fantastic and easy solution for your garage

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