Quality and Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale

Sometimes, the surf just isn’t big enough to get amongst it with your quiver. That doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and have some fun, though!

Paddle your way to fitness this summer

Maybe you’re looking for a new, fun way to get some exercise in during the warmer months? Running and riding a bike can become quite repetitive after a while, but if you buy a stand up paddle board, you’ll dodge this problem. It’s been proven to be fantastic for fitness, and is very low impact. It engages and works so many different muscles, too:

  • Legs are used in not only stabilisation, but also during the stroke itself
  • Entire arms – from delts all the way to hand extensors throughout the stroke,
  • Core (abs, obliques, lower back, etc.) is engaged in different phases of the stroke and when stabilising
  • Chest and upper back used in different parts of the paddle stroke

It truly is a cheap way to get a full-body workout, and when the weather is gorgeous outside, what better way to get some vitamin D while improving your fitness levels!

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A range of stand up paddle boards available for sale

Whether you’re a surfer who’s looking for an alternative on flatter days or you’d like to take a new, fun road on your fitness journey, you’ll be sure to love the stand up paddle boards we have for sale.

We are happy to offer two options; a 12kg handmade Kasa Fibreglass 11’ and a 15kg white Kasa Soft 11’. Both have several shared features, including:

  • A 9” centre fin to assist in turning and balance
  • Leg leash
  • Lightweight paddle that can be adjusted dependent on surfer’s height
  • Deluxe carrier that your board will fit snugly into for protection

Be sure to take a look throughout our affordable product range – we have so many different items available, from home and garden to baby stuff, whatever you need to buy we’ve got it.

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