Buy Water Macerator Pumps

What if you are looking to do some renovations and want to add a bathroom or other wet room, but the existing waste system is simply too far, or the height caused an issue? We have exactly what you need. Offering two different macerator pumps at different wattages (SaniSplit 600W and ProfiSplit 1000W), so no matter the power required we can supply it.

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Made in Italy, they are both fully automatic and boast a 350L/minute flow rate, which means they’re able to accommodate multiple fixtures. Both macerator pump options are able to macerate waste vertically up to 11 metres (maximum) or more than 200 metres horizontally. They’re exactly what you need to get the job done.

Bore pressure systems and pumps for a job well done

At Kasa Factory, we know that ‘bore’ isn’t just a word to describe someone who can’t seem to stop talking about themselves. A deep bore hole is a great solution to problems that we inevitably face in a country that can face lengthy dry months. Getting water to the surface requires a bore hole pump that’s built for the job, and just as importantly, one that’ll last.

Our heavy-duty bore hole pump is sure to stand the tests of time, and with its 70m head pressure capability you can be dead sure it’ll get the job done. With free shipping Australia-wide, you can’t go wrong.

Water tank pump systems to make the most of the rainfall

Using a water tank has so many benefits, for you and the environment. Why use clean water to tend to your garden when rain water does just as good a job? For this though, you need a good system. Our 1,200W fully automatic rain water tank pump is simply the best. Its performance speaks for itself; 480kPA pressure head, producing up to 3,800L/hour. Why would you opt for anything else?

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