Rainwater Tank Pumps for Sale

Having an alternative source of H2O is wonderfully beneficial, both for you and Australia. A rainwater tank really is a perfect way to save perfectly clean, drinkable water being wasted on things such as your garden. To get the most out of your tank, you’ll need a pump that can go the distance – this is where we come in. At Kasa Factory, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to rainwater tank pumps. Melbourne-based but able to ship water pumps Australia-wide, we are more than capable of assisting you country-wide, to make sure you’re getting the pressure that you need from your tank.

We have four different water pumps available for sale, all of which are sure to reduce your water bills. If your current system doesn’t cut it, we are 100% certain you’ll be much more impressed with one of ours. Each of the four we have in our stock offer different specifications and features, but all have one thing in common; they have all been built to last. 

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Models available from our Melbourne factory

The JSW-55A model is made of cast iron, fully automatic and is just perfect for use in domestic garden irrigation, and washing cars and boats. We have the JET100 INOX option that’s also automatic with an in-built protection switch to stop it from running once the tank is dry. This model is also best used for domestic garden irrigation and washing boats and cars.

For a more heavy-duty option that’s perfect for work throughout larger houses and for farm use, whether it’s regarding irrigation or water transfer, the JET1200 INOX Auto is exactly what you’re looking for. Like all the other products we have, it is completely automatic and is as simple as tap on/tap off functionality.

Finally, the S1200 Rainsaver. Brilliantly designed with a mains switch that detects the rainwater level in your tank, and if it goes below a certain level will automatically switch to mains. This allows an uninterrupted flow which is necessary at times. It has the power to be a true asset to your irrigation, watering, or car/boat washing process.

We also have fire fighting pumps available for sale.

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