Brilliant Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Sale in Australia

Take the cooking process of the most famous Italian dish back to its roots.

The Aussie barbecue is a staple for any backyard, but what if you wanted to change it up a bit and create some masterpiece pizzas for family and friends? You could always go to the supermarket and buy some frozen ones to cook in the oven... but unless you enjoy highly-processed produce that could have really come from anywhere, that’s not even a possibility. Ordering a delivery service is another option, but then you have no idea of the quality of ingredients, and there’s a pretty good chance they’re nowhere near fresh. Kasa Factory are proud to offer you the perfect solution.

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Our Outdoor Pizza Ovens We Supply

Our two different outdoor pizza ovens for sale are exactly what you need to create true masterpieces, a slice at a time. The portable stainless steel option is sure to please, and has the capacity to cook up two at a time. Coming with all the extras that you need including a free rain cover, it’s a great compact option. Further to this, we are happy to offer our customers in Australia an extra-large pizza oven that’ll handle up to 5 at a time. Like its smaller counterpart, we include everything you need to get started, including a rain cover, stainless steel paddle, and much more.

When is the last time you had a real wood-fired pizza? Once you’ve tasted one, nothing else compares at all. Think about how fantastic it’d be to be able to choose exactly what you want on any base you decide – fully-customised just for you. Summer is the time for barbecues, so why not make the year complete by turning winter months into winter wood-fired pizza months!

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